Study shows benefits of block building activities on young minds

Researchers with Indiana University studied the impact of structured block building and board game on spatial processing. Using Blocks Rock! and Scrabble, researchers found that block play has a significant impact on mental rotation performance.

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Is Spatial Awareness the STEM Skill Your Child Lacks?

Spatial awareness is critical for STEM development. So, what is it and how can you develop it in your child or students? We have the answers.

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How to Write a Grant for Blocks Rock!

Learn about grant writing and discover how you can get Blocks Rock! free for you school, classroom, or afterschool program.

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How to Create STEM Lessons for Elementary Classrooms

Explore three ways to add STEM learning into your elementary classroom.

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3 Key Happenings in Childhood STEM Education in 2018

What do you think will happen in STEM education in 2018? Here are our predictions.

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Fun Gift Ideas for Young STEM Enthusiasts!

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Are Building Blocks Really a Perfect Learning Tool?

Learn about research that supports building blocks as an important development tool for social, creative, literacy, and intellectual skills.

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6 Teacher Bloggers That Inspire Adventurous & Innovative Learning

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How to Turn Everyday Fall Activities into Tiny Teachable Moments

Embrace adventurous learning by taking a look at tiny teachable moments that happen in your everyday activities. In this post we focus on Fall!

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How to Engage Children In Learning By Using Their Senses

Engage children in learning by creating lessons that use multiple senses and work with multiple learning styles.

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The Impact of Physical Activity on Learning

Did you know that physical movement has been shown to have scientifically proven impacts on academic performance? It's true! Read our blog post to learn more!

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3 Ways Parents and Teachers Can Cultivate a Great Classroom Environment

Parents and teachers alike can work together to cultivate a great environment for children of all backgrounds and learning styles. See how!

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Back-to-School Brain Boost: Tips for School Year Nutrition and Sleep

Support your child’s return to school than by starting the year off right with good nutrition and sleep. Read our practical suggestions to make that happen.


July Child Brain Development Breakdown: Four Articles, Opinions, or Studies

We're summarizing four recent articles or studies on child brain development so you can feel helped, inspired, or challenged to put the news into action.

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Fun Summer Day Trips that Encourage STEM Learning

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5 DIY Ways to Keep Your Kid's Brain Active at Home

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The Effect of Block Building on Mental Rotation Ability

Structured block-building games improve spatial abilities in children to a greater degree than board games.


Traditional toys may beat gadgets in language development

A study examines how electronic playthings impact the way babies engage verbally with their parents, which is crucial for cognitive development.


A developmental look at a rigorous block play program

Blocks: great learning tools from infancy through the primary grades.

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