Building skills through play

Blocks Rock! brings joy and excitement to learning. Our team is passionate about providing students with a captivating activity that builds critical thinking skills.


Blocks Rock! was invented by a team of middle school students as part of a national toy design competition for which they received an honorable mention. The parent of one of the students recognized the potential of the game as an educational tool and fundraising mechanism. 

The inventors of Blocks Rock! pictured above (left to right): Ashley Dorst, Victoria Mordasky, Eric Ostrom and Adrianne Hanson.

The project was then transitioned to the affiliated high school’s entrepreneurship class which developed the marketing and production over the next few years. It was then that Jim LaCrosse, alumnus and serial entrepreneur, took interest in Blocks Rock and proposed a joint venture to take the game to the next level.


Blocks Rock! still features the original (Beginner) deck of cards, 24 wooden blocks and bell. It has been repackaged into a handy carrying case, and an Intermediate deck of cards has been added.  Research conducted by Indiana University shows that playing Blocks Rock! improves spatial reasoning abilities, a key indicator of STEM success.


A more challenging, 3D version of Blocks Rock! was launched in early 2017. For more information, go to the 3D App page.

The Effect of Block Building on Mental Rotation Ability

The Indiana University research study is available for download. Read about how the study was conducted, the results, summary and implications of why block-building games such as Blocks Rock! should be a part of every curriculum.

"As a home school mother of four, it was important to me to use tools that my children could use on their own, while learning at the same time. Having fun playing the game against each other, I consider a bonus."

Sherry Morrow, Austin, Texas