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Blocks Rock! Fun, Safe, Versatile.

Our game is deceptively simple but lots of fun and adaptable for different ages and settings.

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How to Play

How is Blocks Rock! played?

• Two players each get the same set of blocks.

• One player turns over the top card in the stack of cards.

• Both players race to make the shape on that card.

• The first one done rings the bell and keeps the card if the shape is correct. 

• At the end of the stack of cards, the players add up their cards or points.

For what ages is Blocks Rock! suitable?

The tabletop game is for ages 6 and up, although younger players can use the blocks, and older players (including grandparents!) can have fun with it, too.

Are there other ways to play?

The blocks can always be used for free, imaginative play. For a more challenging Blocks Rock! game, try building the structure upside down, or turn the card over and compete to build the card from memory.

We also have a 3-D version in development that will use the same set of blocks. The app is due for release in 2017.

How to Buy

Where can Blocks Rock! be purchased?

People in the continental United States can order Blocks Rock! online through our Square store:

Please contact us regarding shipments to other locations.

Blocks Rock! is also available at the Children's Museum of Indianapolis and Wonderlab in Bloomington, Indiana.

Do you offer special pricing?

We do offer volume discounts for purchases of 3 or more games as well as distributor and wholesale opportunities. Please call 317.602.6644 ext. 1001 for more information.


Does Blocks Rock! have educational benefits?

Blocks Rock! can help with color identification, shape identification, hand-eye coordination, math skills, and spatial skills. 

It is thought to develop skills in estimation, measurement, patterning, part-whole relations, visualization, symmetry, transformation and balance. For more information, view our benefits.

Safety & Testing

Is Blocks Rock! compliant with safety standards?

Our game is in compliance with test requirement of ASTM F963-08 Standard Consumer Safety Specification on Toy Safety.

 Click here to view PDF

The game is also in compliance with US Public Law 110-314 Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008, CPSIA requirement to test for the following:

– Lead in paint / similar surface coating materials – Lead in accessible substrate material – Phthalates

 Click here to view PDF

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