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5 Creative Space-Themed STEM Activities for Kids

April / 2023

Enjoy creative, STEM activities that help kids get excited about stars, astronauts, and outer space.

Looking for some activities for your kids that are truly out of this world? We’ve got you covered. Enjoy a variety of STEM activities that will get your little ones excited to learn about rocket ships, astronauts, the stars, and more! Read along with us as we explore the great beyond with creative, space-themed activities your kids are sure to love.

Activity One: Explore constellations through your own viewfinder!

Going stargazing is a wonderful opportunity to learn about the stars, planets, and galaxies that exist beyond Earth. Take the opportunity to dig in and recognized constellations that astrologists have been tracking for centuries. With some tin foil and a paper towel roll, you can create your own viewfinders that match the most memorable constellations in the sky.

Original idea from The Homeschool Scientist

Activity Two: Build rocket ships with Blocks Rock! to practice your STEM skills.

Come up with your own designs or play Difficulty 4 of Our Free 3D Companion app to find our rocket ship!

Turn your Blocks Rock! set of building blocks into a rocket ship that is ready to blast off! You’re welcome to come up with your own design or find the rocket ship template on our Free 3D Companion app. Kids of all ages can enjoy a challenge while building their version of an exciting and dynamic spaceship.

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Activity Three: Make your own moon craters.

The moon is full of craters, and with this activity, you can experiment with different ways those may have gotten there. Create your own concoction that represents the moon’s surface and practice seeing how rocks of various shapes and sizes may have impacted that surface when they come in contact with it. Have fun experimenting and making a bit of a mess, all while learning about these craters on the moon.

Original idea from Jet Propulsion Laboratory at NASA

Activity Four: Teach kids about being an astronaut with our free 3D Printable.

What better way to learn about space than to see what it would be like to be an astronaut! Practice some of the essential skills of space travel by checking out these activities on our Astronaut printable. Get inspired with this fascinating and exciting STEM career as you continue to learn about outer space. Then, continue learning as you follow the journey of Artemis II, the next manned mission to the moon planned for November 2024!

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    Activity Five: Explore the phases of the moon… with Oreos!

    Learn more about the phases of the moon, while enjoying your favorite snack! In this activity, you’ll be able to scrape off different amounts of Oreo cookie filling to show the phases the moon goes through during the month. Enjoy this fun and delicious way to uncover details about the moon that you can then track in real life!

    Original idea from Mom Brite

    Get excited about space with the help of Blocks Rock!

    There’s so much to explore when it comes to space. Whether you’re creating your own rocket ship design, learning about astronauts, or looking for STEM careers in the field of space travel, we’ve got some fantastic activities for you and your little ones. And remember to get your Blocks Rock! game on Amazon so you can inspire your kids to create new designs, today!