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5 Games to Play With Your Grandchildren (2022)

January / 2022

Discover five fun games that are perfect to play with your grandkids.

Spending quality time with your grandkids while they’re young is one of the joys of being a grandparent! Whether you’re in town for a visit or taking care of your grandchildren, you’ll want to make memories together that will last a lifetime. That’s why we’ve put together this list of five fun games that will be a blast for both you and the grandkids.

Game 1: Family Charades

Why it’s great for you and your grandkids: Looking for something to get everyone up on their feet and involved? This game is great for ages 5 and up, and keeps the whole family laughing!

Where you can purchase it: Target

Game 2: Blocks Rock!

Why it’s great for you and your grandkids: This game is fun and easy to learn for ages 3 to 103. Blocks Rock! is played by choosing a card with the structure to copy, building the structure out of colored blocks, and ringing the bell to end the round. Accuracy is key, and a player only wins the round when the structure is completed successfully.

A bonus of playing Blocks Rock!: You’re helping your kids build STEM skills! 

Where you can purchase it: Blocksrock.com or Amazon

Game 3: Doodle Face

Why it’s great for you and your grandkids: Write your name on the notepad, pass it around, and let everyone take turns drawing parts of your face. This silly game is great for adults and kids 7 and up. It’s an awesome game for young artists, or just for a good laugh.

Where you can purchase it: Amazon

Game 4: Jenga

Why it’s great for you and your grandkids: This family favorite is great for any age, and a classic game to pass down to your grandchildren! Build the tower as tall as you can before it falls over.

Where you can purchase it: Amazon

Game 5: Zingo

Why it’s great for you and your grandkids: A twist on traditional bingo, this award-winning game is great for early readers! It helps build language and matching skills in preschool-aged children. A great option for learning through play!

Where you can purchase it: Amazon

Enjoy Your Family Time!

We chose these games based on their ability to be played by wide age ranges or the nostalgia they may bring up with grandparents. We hope you enjoy your time with the grandkids and make memories that last a lifetime!