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7 Ways to Expand Learning with Blocks Rock!

February / 2020

Learn how you can expand the standard game and introduce new concepts, reinforce learning, and encourage innovation.

With competitive structured block play, a free 3D Companion App, and our new Pre-K STEM Cards, Blocks Rock! offers endless possibilities for learning. In this blog, we’ll be sharing ideas from our free Curriculum Guide on how you can expand the standard game and introduce new concepts, reinforce learning, and encourage innovation.

1. Free Exploration

Let kids play with the Blocks Rock! independently, without having to focus on the game. This gives kids a way to explore all facets of the materials, to construct an understanding of the physical properties of the blocks, to practice using the bell, and to develop confidence using the materials.

2. Conversations

Use the Blocks Rock! cards to start conversations. You can have them describe the designs and use concept words such as on top of, below, next to, more than, etc. You can have kids talk to each other about the game, or think of questions to ask your kids such as, “Describe how you played the game. What did you use?” or “Tell me about what you built.”

3. Sign Up & Responsibilities

Demonstrate how to make a sign-up sheet for children to take turns playing Blocks Rock! Encourage them to make their lists to track who has the next turn. While one Blocks Rock! game involves only two players at a time, many more can become invested in watching the gameplay and encouraging participants.

4. Monkey See, Monkey Do

Invite children to copy or extend a pattern (ABAB or ABCABC) that you have created with movements (ex. Clap, stomp, clap, stomp) and then use the blocks to create patterns for children to extend or copy.

5. Make Your Own STEM Cards

Show kids how to play Blocks Rock! using the new Pre-K STEM Cards, and then encourage them to make their own STEM Cards using paper and markers.

6. Counting & Graphing

Help kids practice their mathematics skills by creating a graph. First, have them sort all of the blocks by color and type. Then, ask them to count each type and write it on the graph. This idea comes from Find the Little Mind!

7. Try the Blocks Rock! 3D Companion App

Our free 3D App is an advanced expansion to the classic game. Players build complex and fun patterns that will make their brains light up! Our app merges the physical with the digital to create a whole new world of learning.

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