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Blocks Rock! Classroom Spotlight: Emma, a First Grade Teacher

November / 2022

Learn more about how Emma uses Blocks Rock! in her classroom.

We're excited to kick off our new series, the Blocks Rock! Classroom Spotlight, by featuring a familiar face! If you follow us on Instagram, you'll have seen Emma sharing videos about Blocks Rock!, learning resources, and more.

Read through our interview with Emma to get a real-life example of how educators leverage Blocks Rock! in their classroom and more.  

Emma, tell us about yourself and your classroom!

I am in my third year of teaching first grade. I absolutely love teaching this grade as they are anxious to learn more and are starting to figure out who they are as a person.

How do you use Blocks Rock! in your classroom?

I use Blocks rock as an early finisher. Once a student is finished, they are able to use this game independently or with another student. They don't use the bell but instead tap the ground.

What do you like about Blocks Rock! as a learning tool?

Blocks Rock! allows the students to have fun while activating their brains! I don’t have to direct them, and they can use it independently.

What do your students enjoy about Blocks Rock!

They love playing it. They like to beat their point score from the previous time they played!

What suggestions would you have for educators who are bringing Blocks Rock! into their classrooms for the first time?

Introduce it as a fun learning tool! Kids will love it!

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