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Fun Learning Apps for Early Elementary

January / 2023

Explore seven fun learning apps for the early elementary student in your life!

In the modern era, your phone or tablet can be a terrific tool to help your little ones learn. There’s a wide selection of incredible apps out there that are designed for your early elementary schooler. From math and science to art and music apps, enjoy terrific ways to keep your kids engaged and interested in learning — and they may not even realize they’re doing it!

Explore the suggestions below for some fun learning apps for the early elementary student in your life!

Blocks Rock! 3D Companion App

You heard that right, Blocks Rock! has a digital companion option! Combine your tabletop game with a fun, interactive app that is updated with dozens of new designs to create. The 3D element of the app adds an extra challenge to creating complex and dynamic structures.

Blocks Rock! is a scientifically-validated game that greatly benefits STEM learning for all ages and especially early elementary schoolers. Take their learning to the next level by combining the physical game with more options and activities on the 3D Companion App.

Download the app here: App Store, Google Play

Khan Academy Kids

Get a little bit of everything with the Khan Academy App. Your kids can engage with a wide variety of learning that fits their exact age or grade level. This free app offers thousands of exercises, videos, and activities across all subject areas. Parents, teachers, and students alike have glowing reviews for this free app that allows interactive and open-ended ways to learn.

Download the app here: App Store, Google Play

ZooQ Animal Explorer

Do you have a budding zoologist at home or in your classroom? Recommend ZooQ Animal Explorer as the perfect app to help them learn about all kinds of creatures. Check out different habitats, complete puzzles, and peek into the lives of some extraordinary animals while learning fun facts about each species. This is the perfect interactive experience for young students to gain a comprehensive knowledge of various animals.

Download the app here: App Store

Mazaam - The Musical Genius

Music is a terrific tool to help little brains develop. Check out Mazaam - The Musical Genius app to teach your elementary schooler some basic elements of music as they complete activities with adorable animal friends. Whether you’re raising the next music prodigy or helping to foster a love of the arts, Mazaam can be a great edutainment game for young people.

Download the app here: App Store, Google Play

Teach Your Monster to Read

Improve literary skills creatively with the Teach Your Monster to Read app. This award-winning app has been used by millions of young ones worldwide. Through colorful games, your elementary student will practice phonics skills, match letters and sounds, and even enjoy little books. Plus, they get to teach their new monster friend how to read as well!

Download the app here: App Store, Google Play

    Smart Tales

    Engage with STEM in creative ways with the Smart Tales app! Enjoy a large library of interactive stories that explore subjects like science, technology, engineering, and math. Each page includes animations, reading opportunities, and critical activities that light up your child’s brain. Get started with these educational stories today!

    Download the app here: App Store, Google Play

    Kids Doodle

    Sometimes you just need a good, old-fashioned drawing app! Allow your kid’s imagination to run wild with the Kids Doodle app. This easy-to-use option allows for a wide variety of brushes and colors for your elementary schooler to create a beautiful work of art. And you get to save yourself the clean-up time that typically comes with a ton of markers, crayons, or watercolors!

    Download the app here: App Store, Google Play

    Find other fun ways to learn!

    Combine any or all of these exciting apps with our original Blocks Rock! game for early education fun! Or if you’re looking for more tips and tricks for STEM education and beyond, check out our other blog topics here.

    And if you haven’t tried it yet, download the Blocks Rock! 3D Companion App here: App Store, Google Play