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Fun Summer Day Trips that Encourage STEM Learning

July / 2017

Looking for summer day trip ideas that can encourage STEM learning? Check out some of our suggestions!

Summer is the perfect time to go out and explore, and with new experiences come fun new ways to learn. To help you make the most of this nice time, we have compiled a list of day trips you can use for adventure inspiration. We’ll also be including what your child can learn when you’re out and enjoying the day. 

Go on a ‘Safari’

Pack some binoculars and head to a local zoo or aquarium near you. Zoos and aquariums are great places to learn about your child’s favorite animals, and usually there are staff members nearby to teach your child fun facts. As a bonus, children can also learn about conservation efforts at the zoo and understand the impact of different food chains.

To find an accredited zoo or aquarium near you, click here.

Plan a Picnic

All you need is a nearby park to have a fun learning experience. Bring interactive games like Blocks Rock!, play with the park’s toys, or just enjoy the day and answer any questions about the environment while out and about.

You can also do things like try to find unique bugs and make a ‘bug zoo’ or identify and learn about different types of trees at the park.

Check out a Nearby Children’s Museums

Children’s museums offer a great way for children to learn through play and exploration. Since they are designed specifically for children, they offer interactive learning experiences in a safe and fun environment. These museums can have different exhibits that teach children about cultures, science, the arts, and more.

For a list of Children’s Museums, click here.

Visit a State or National Park

State and National Parks often have informational visitor centers that will teach your kids about the environment and the animals that live there. Many times, they also offer children specific programs that teach them about animals or plants specific to the park. You can also enjoy time hiking or lounging on a beach depending on the parks near you!

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