STEM Learning

Fun Winter STEM Learning Activities for Kids

December / 2018

Discover 7 ideas for keeping fun STEM learning going through the cold winter months!

Keep kids active and learning during winter break or throughout cold winter weekends with these STEM ideas! Let fun winter learning begin by checking out the 7 different activities we’ve pulled together from some of our favorite bloggers and some of our own blog ideas!

Build a Gumdrop Christmas Tree | Left Brain Craft Brain

Building a gumdrop Christmas Tree is simple! All you need is colorful green, red, and white gumdrops, toothpicks and skewers. As Left Brain Craft Brain describes it, this activity is "kind of like the marshmallow castles, but with a Christmas coating on it!” Click here to learn more.

Make Cookies & Other Treats Together | Blocks Rock!

As we mentioned in our Home Learning blog post, children can definitely learn something in the kitchen, no matter their age! You don’t have to work hard to bring STEM into the kitchen, because it’s already there!

Work together off of a recipe and walk children through doubling or halving a recipe to teach math skills. Also, remember the cooking is chemistry! You can teach so many things through cooking, like how baking powder and baking soda make things rise, how you can combine ingredients to make goodies, and more!

Create Erupting Snowballs | Wunder Mom

Erupting snowballs are a new take on the classic baking soda and vinegar eruption. Wunder Mom found that she could make baking soda snowballs using the same basic directions as you would make a bath bomb! This activity is easy to do, but know that you’ll need 12 hours to let your erupting snowballs dry. Click here to learn more.

Have Fun with Competitive Structured Block Play | Learning Well Community

As a perfectly portable and an easy indoor activity, Blocks Rock! is a great way to keep STEM learning happening throughout winter! Recently, the Learning Well Community reviewed Blocks Rock! and said that, “Hands-down, my favorite part of this game is that it can keep little hands busy while I’m working with other kids.” She also mentioned several other benefits she found from using Blocks Rock! in her house, which you can read here. You can also learn about the other benefits of Blocks Rock! here! 

Engineer a Winter Ice Lantern | STEAM Powered Family

This ice challenge is great for many reasons! You can teach about the different stages of water, engineer a winter lantern your kids can be proud of, have fun in the decoration process, and more! Learn about what you need to make a winter ice lantern, and get started!

Read Books & Do Activities Related to Interesting STEM Careers | Blocks Rock!

This year, we’ve started a new series highlighting interesting STEM careers! The two first careers we chose are astronauts and paleontologists. For each of these careers, we’ve outlined what the job duties are, how you can join become one, several fun activities for kids that relate to the career, and we’ve included a free printable summarizing everything!

Click here to learn about astronauts, or click here to learn about paleontologists.

Make Fake Snow | Kids Play and Create

Are you dreaming of a White Christmas but it isn’t looking likely? We have a great solution for you! Fake snow is a fun and sensory activity for kids. Learn more about fake snow and fake snow recipes by reading this article from Kids Play and Create.

Wishing you a wonderful winter filled with happy holidays!

From the Block Rock! team to you and yours, we hope that you have a wonderful holiday season filled with family, friends, and learning fun!

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