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How to Write a Grant for Blocks Rock!

January / 2018

Learn about grant writing and discover how you can get Blocks Rock! free for your school, classroom, or afterschool program.

How nice would it be to buy Blocks Rock! for your classroom or school and have someone else pay for it? Amazing! Right? Well, it’s possible through the power of grants from foundations that give millions of dollars to teachers every year.

We’re giving you a brief rundown on the grant-writing process and helpful information about Blocks Rock! that you can leverage during your next grant writing session.

The Grant Writing Process

The grant writing process might seem overwhelming, but you can break it down into 10 steps. Scholastic’s 10 grant writing steps are:

  1. State Your Need. They want to know what problem you’re looking to solve and how they can help.

  2. Start Small, Start Local. Your community may have an educational foundation that gives out grants of a few hundred dollars, just for district teachers.

  3. Do Your Homework. Know the foundation that is giving the grant and what their focus is.

  4. Be Creative. Use your creativity to make your grant shine - go beyond the mundane!

  5. Collaborate to Win. Ask for help from someone who has been through the grant writing process before.

  6. Mine for Data. Highlight the results that you expect your grant funding will bring.

  7. Watch Your P’s and Q’s. Avoid typos, missed deadlines, and flowery fonts. Ask someone to proofread.

  8. Build Relationships. If you get your grant, write a thank you! If not, still continue to cultivate that relationship.

  9. Tap Your Social Network. If you’re using a website like, share your ask with your social network.

  10. Don’t Give Up! Don’t take one ‘no’ as an answer! Continue to sharper your grant writing skills and asking until you receive.

Blocks Rock! and Your Grant!

We’ve designed a helpful two-sided PDF that will give you the information you need for your grant requests. This PDF includes overall information on the game, why Blocks Rock! Is useful in the classroom, different uses, and logistics (such as size, weight, and cost).  

Click here to download you free copy now! We won’t ask you for any information - it’s just free.

Different Grants You Can Apply For

On, choose your state from a list and discover different grants. Edutopia has a national list of grants that range from EdTech to active learning in the classroom. Teacher Geek gives you STEM, STEAM, and Maker Space grants. As Scholastic mentioned, you might also be able to find local smaller charities that are giving away grants to teachers.

You’ll notice that some grants range from hundreds of dollars to thousands of dollars! Find the grant that’s a good fit for you and your classroom or school’s needs.

Tell us how it goes!

We can’t wait to hear about your success stories. If you receive a grant for Blocks Rock!, share it with on our Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter and we’ll celebrate with you!