Inspire the Love of Learning In and Out of the Classroom

February / 2023

Cultivate excitement and love of learning for your little learners at school and at home.

As you’re celebrating love this February, it’s also a great time to encourage the love of learning. Whether you’re a teacher or a parent, here are a few tips on how to make education fun for your little ones and help them find their love of learning!

Make Learning Fun with Games

Start inspiring the love of learning through games that are fun and educational. Your kiddos may not even realize all the skills they’re practicing! Encourage hands-on learning, creative problem-solving, and competitive challenges that they’ll want to come back to over and over again.

Enjoy a variety of education-based games that focus on specific areas of learning. Blocks Rock! is a perfect example of a STEM game that focuses on math, spatial reasoning skills, and more. With a variety of challenges for different ages, your students will be able to grow with the game and enjoy playing in class or at home.

By investing in fun, educational games, your kids can enjoy a little positive competition while learning along the way.

Encourage a Sense of Independence

Giving your students or kids a sense of independence will help them find a love of learning all on their own. When they feel free to explore their own interests and take charge of different projects, they’ll be more invested in learning. Trial and error can be a terrific tool to help develop academic skills and keep them motivated all on their own. Of course, your support and encouragement — near or far — is an essential element to help promote these explorations.

Explore a Variety of Interests

If you want to encourage a love of learning, start by sparking curiosity. Try to find those activities and interests that your kids or students genuinely connect with. This can be as simple as directly asking about what they want to read, watch, or learn.

Show them that they can learn new facts and try new things within their favorite activities. Turn a trip to the zoo into a scientific expedition or include math calculations when you’re cooking together at home! The possibilities are endless to turn their favorite hobbies into learning opportunities.

Connect Classroom Learning and At-Home Exploration

A great way to promote learning is to connect what you’re doing in the classroom to what is happening at home. Bridge the connection, so your kids are excited to share and continue practicing skills and activities in all areas of their life.

For teachers, it can be beneficial to send home reminders or updates of what you’re doing in the classroom. Connect classroom learning to what your students are seeing in their everyday lives to spark curiosity and excitement for learning. 

For Parents and Guardians, you can start by getting involved at school, if possible. Volunteer to join in on classroom activities to see exactly what your kiddos are doing each day and how you can mirror that at home. Even simple steps like asking about their day and hearing what they were interested in at school can encourage them to share and make education an exciting venture.

Learning for Years to Come

A true love of learning stretches beyond formal education and can benefit your kids for many years to come. By creating a culture of curiosity and a thirst for knowledge, you’re helping to cultivate bright young minds and creative thinkers. Have fun inspiring that love of learning and see how far your little ones can fly! 

And don’t forget, you can purchase your own set of Blocks Rock! to have one more tool to help your little ones grow.