3D Companion App

The Blocks Rock! 3D Companion App Expansion

August / 2020

Our free Blocks Rock! 3D Companion App now features student designs from our App Design Competition and more!

At Blocks Rock!, we’re excited to reveal an updated and expanded version of the free Blocks Rock! 3D Companion App! With almost double the designs, one of our favorite parts of the updated app is that students created the new structures. Learn more about the new app and the process of bringing students’ designs to life below.

The Winners of the Blocks Rock! 3D App Design Contest

In 2005, the original concept of Blocks Rock! was invented and designed by students at Wilbraham & Monson Academy. Since then, we have continued to find ways to incorporate the perspectives and creativity of students in our updates. For the 3D App update, we did this by hosting the first ever Blocks Rock! 3D App Design Competition!

During the competition, students under the age of 18 submitted designs to be brought to life in the app. We were inspired and thoroughly entertained by the creativity of the student designs. Early on, we realized that there were so many wonderful, challenging creations that we would choose to incorporate many designs in the app update.

We selected our multiple winners through a rigorous evaluation process. It was a difficult choice to pick the grand prize winner, but we were pleased to be able to incorporate almost 30 of the student designs into this update!

Learn more about the winning structures below, and see how we’ve taken them from student submissions to new designs in the app.

Winner: Steam Train by William, 6

The design process: “This is a steam train engine. The blue, yellow and red blocks make up the body of the train, with a lower front end. The funnel and the wheels are made from smaller purple blocks.” - William

Winner: Tortoise by Coy, 6

The design process: “The body is difficult to balance on the legs, because it is so wide. The tortoise has a head and a tail, along with a tall, round-ish shell.” - Coy

Winner: Baby Octopus with a Hat by Jaycee, 11

The design process: “My brother really wanted to make an octopus because octopuses have 8 legs and there are 8 little purple things so I made a simple 400 or 500 point octopus and I think - with a face - it’s really cute. I started by making the base but without the triangle on its head it looked really plain, so I added a hat. Then I put the 8 legs on and called it..... baby octopus - with a hat.” - Jaycee

Grand Prize Winner: Beach House Galore be Kyleigh, 9 & Ashlynn, 8

The design process: “The name of the creation is the Beach House Galore. The beach house features 3 floors, isn't that great!? The Beach House Galore has four rooms and there is a bathroom on each floor. It has a hot tub and a pool. Also, it has a 600 ft. room. Isn't that extraordinary!? Every Monday, people come to spray poison for bugs.” - Kyleigh & Ashlynn

From Contest to Updated App

“Zephyr Games, a developer and publisher, was excited to create the contest winners in the Blocks Rock! 3D app. While more complicated than many of the original designs, the new designs worked wonderfully with the existing app. Along with a number of visual and gameplay updates, the updated app includes a new profile system to assist multi-child households and classrooms. We expect this will step up the experience for new and returning Blocks Rock! users.” - Kenny Johnson of Zephyr Games

Download the Improved Blocks Rock! 3D Companion App Today!

Explore the 30 new structures on the Blocks Rock! App yourself!

Click here to download Blocks Rock! 3D Companion app in the App Store. The Google Play app update will be live soon!