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6 Teacher Bloggers That Inspire Adventurous & Innovative Learning

These bloggers might help you discover new learning activities for your classroom and more!

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been talking about ways you can inspire adventurous and engaging learning opportunities.

But, there are still so many ways to encourage innovative learning that we had to share with you some of our favorite blogs that inspire us! Check out these teacher bloggers that might motivate you to add new styles of learning in your classroom.

The Cool Cat Teacher

When searching for innovative teacher bloggers, we found that The Cool Cat Teacher is consistently at the top of the list. Run by Vicki Davis, this blog features both a depth and breadth of information. Vicki frequently interviews experts in the teaching field for new ideas on her 10-Minute Teacher Podcast. Her recent elementary school topics feature ideas like 5 Ways to Help Numbers Come Alive, 7 Global Project Ideas from a Leading 3rd Grade Classroom, and K-6 Educational Music Videos: Selecting the Right Videos for Learning.

Math Coach’s Corner 

Math can be a scary subject for kids, but on the Math Coach’s Corner blog by Donna Boucher, it’s anything but. Her articles offer insight into teaching math to children and also give you practical how-to’s and resources. Some of her articles include: Making Sense of Math, Math Activities that Do Double Duty, and Subitizing: Moving from Perceptual to Conceptual.

What the Teacher Wants: K-6th Grade

Rachelle and Natalie share teaching ideas that make life easier for teachers and make learning fun for students! They create many of their own materials that provide inspiration for adventurous learning like Halloween Writing Packs, creative writing activities that fit into the Common Core, a Holidays around the World bundle, and more. Rachelle and Natalie also review different products for your classroom or your home, and they were kind enough to review Blocks Rock!, which you can read here.

The Brown Bag Teacher: 1st & 5th Grade

Katherine runs The Brown Bag Teacher and provides ideas for lesson plans in six main areas for first grade classrooms: Art, Daily Five, Guided Math, Reading/Literacy, Science, and Writing for first grade classrooms. Some of her adventurous lessons include Earth Day Recycling Demonstrations: From Pumpkin to Compost, Leaf Chromatography: Why do leaves change colors?, and Penguins and Polar Bears: 1st Grade Research.

We Are Teachers

We Are Teachers is the largest of the teacher blogs we feature here and is written by teacher contributors. Their classroom ideas can be sorted by grade, and when reading through them, we found some articles that really embodied creative learning! A few recent and relevant blogs include: 20 Kindergarten Science Activities to Try This Month, 10 of Our Favorite Halloween Candy Experiments, and The Best Pumpkin Math Activities for Grades K-3.

The First Grade Parade

The First Grade Parade is written by blogger Cara Carroll, whose focus is creative hands-on and engaging activities for the classroom. Her blog offers freebies, curriculum, information about workshops and more! You can see her creative ideas shine through in blog posts like Learning About Oviparous Animals, Bat Week, and Science of September (which could be re-used during different months!).

Our Adventurous Learning Ideas

Click the links below to read about learning ideas we’ve previously wrote about on our blog:


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