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Discover over 100 activities to support learning from home.

Over the years, we’ve built up an extensive library of home learning resources, and now we want to make that easily accessible to you! Find activities in each STEM Career Inspiration blog, try out one of our bucket lists, learn how to expand your Blocks Rock! Game, and more.

STEM Career Inspiration

Every STEM Career Inspiration for Kids blog comes with a downloadable PDF checklist with STEM activities that relate to each career. Explore the careers below:

STEM Role Models

In our STEM Role Models series, your kids will discover the movers and shakers of the STEM world. They’ll also learn about various types of STEM careers in the process! We’ve divided these Role Models by themes, which you can find below.

STEM Bucket Lists

Each bucket list comes a printable checklist of fun indoor activities and ideas for outdoor exploration.

STEM Learning

These miscellaneous STEM blogs include various home learning activities, ideas for additional STEM toys or games you might like, and STEM Apps you can start playing with now.

Blocks Rock! Expansion Ideas

Make the most out of Blocks Rock! with these ideas on how to expand your standard Blocks Rock! Game. We share our ideas for expanding Blocks Rock! in this blog post, 7 Ways to Expand Learning with Blocks Rock!.

We also have a fantastic ambassador, Lucy from Find the Little Mind, that has shared several innovative ways to use your set of Blocks Rock! Check out these blogs from her:

Building by Chance: One of my favorite ways to add in some sneaky numeracy to our day is to play a game, but with the addition of a dice. Here's how we turned our game of Blocks Rock! into a game of chance.

Follow the Leader with Blocks Rock!: Looking for a way to get younger and older kids working together using building blocks? Why not try a game of building blocks follow the leader?!

DIY Building Block Puzzle Cards: Making your own building block challenge cards is a great way to encourage collaborative play for kids of different ages!

Big Building Block Graph: Everything is more fun when you go big right?! We used our building blocks to make a huge graph.

Healthy Competition Series

One thing you and your kids can learn about during this time is healthy competition. We created a three part series that outlines what healthy competition is, how you can encourage it in kids, and then we share activities that promote healthy competition.

Looking for additional resources?

Do you have an idea for a resource we could share? Email us your idea at We’ll also be continuing to share these ideas and resources on our Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter pages.


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