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How to Engage Children In Learning By Using Their Senses

Engage children in learning by creating lessons that use multiple senses and work with multiple learning styles.

Did you know there are seven different learning styles, some that are correlated to our different senses? It’s true! And, many benefits come from creating lessons, curriculum, or home learning time that use multiple senses.

Benefits of Engaging All Senses While Learning

By engaging multiple senses, you’ll be able to:

  • Make things more relevant between lessons and child’s personal interests

  • Reach children who might not respond well to traditional lessons and learning time

  • Improve children’s memories

  • Make homework fun!

Activities for the Sensory Learning Styles

According to Edudemic, the four learning styles that match our senses are:

The other three styles of learning are logical, social, or solitary, but today we’re focusing on the ones that are associated most heavily with our senses.  

Visual Lessons

Visual learners prefer using pictures, images, and spatial understanding. Try some of these ideas to learn how to engage a visual learned.

Aural Activities

Aural learners prefer to learn using sound and music. If you’re looking to engage an aural learner, try some of these suggestions!

  • Play music during math time!

    • Listening to music in math lessons can dramatically improve children's ability in the subject and help them score up to 40 per cent higher in examinations, as a 2012 study found.

  • Encourage a child to take up a musical instrument, which can help them:

    • Increase their memory skills

    • Improve coordination

    • Improve their math skills

    • Nurture their self-expression

    • Improve listening skills

Verbal Activities

Verbal learners prefer to learn using words, both in speech and in writing. If you’re looking to engage a verbal learner, try some of these suggestions!

Browse these 251 free creative writing prompts

Physical Activities

Physical learners prefer to use their body, hands and sense of touch. The ideas below might help you to better engage physical learners.

Physical activity can benefit children of multiple learning styles! You can learn more about it here.



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