Help early learners develop STEM skills with Blocks Rock! Preschool STEM cards.

Our Preschool STEM Cards are an add-on to the traditional Blocks Rock! Deluxe Game designed to help learners as young as two play

How the STEM Cards Work

Each Preschool STEM Card bundle includes patterns found on traditional Blocks Rock! cards. Little learners place blocks on the cards to prepare them for the competitive structured play of the Blocks Rock! game.

As children use the STEM cards, they build their foundational STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) and SEL (social-emotional learning) skills, among others.


Get your set of Preschool STEM Cards

The Preschool STEM Cards are an add-on to our Blocks Rock! game and can be ordered through our website along with the games.

If you’ve ordered Blocks Rock! through another website like Amazon, you can also buy a standalone pack of Preschool STEM Cards.

Bought My Second Set!

I recently purchased my second set of Blocks Rocks and could not be more pleased! As a teacher, I'm constantly looking for new and exciting ways to engage my students with STEM products.

Currently we haven't been able to play (we have been using the printable version they emailed), but before that they have so much challenging one another. The app that you can download also adds so much more value to the game. It has 3D structures instead of the 2D ones on the cards. I hope to buy a few more sets to have for my classroom.

~ JonasGeek, Amazon Reviewer

Favorite Spatial Skills Game!

My children absolutely LOVE this game! It's done wonders for their spatial skills and attention to detail when solving problems. I think every household with pk-5 grade kids should own this and play it regularly.

~ Nathaniel, Amazon Reviewer

Amazing STEM Toy

This is the perfect game for at home or in the classroom! I've played it with my 4 year old and 10 year old as well as my 18 year old! The competitive nature of it appeals to the older kids, while with the younger set you can remove the competition and just have them build the picture on the card on their own

After just a few sessions with Blocks Rock, I can already see the difference in my 4 year old's spatial awareness and reasoning skills! I took it to school and all of the other teachers wanted to play against each other! This is going to be great for our Parent Nights too!

~ Amazon Reviewer

My 5th Graders Love It!

I was given a set from Blocks Rock! and my 5th graders love it. They have even figured out that if they each bring in $3.50 that we could buy another set for the class. It is the most popular game to play when they have earned free time. They have decided that more students can play head to head if the loser of the round goes out and a new player replaces them.

~ Gina, Amazon Reviewer

Great for Third Grade Classroom

I am a 3rd grade teacher in a greater metropolitan-area school. I wanted a STEM-driven energizer/activity to support student engagement and I found the perfect tool in Blocks Rock!

My kids can't wait to move to this math center and they never grow tired of it. I also use it as a rainy day recess activity. Kids love it and so do adults. Students are building shape recognition and even architectural awareness by building these block formations. It also helps kids understand balance and proportional shapes.

~ Elizabeth, Amazon Reviewer

My 3-Year-Old and 7-Year-Old Benefit Equally from Blocks Rock!

One of the main reasons I rate Blocks Rock! so highly as a game and STEM product is because it is versatile, and both my 3-year-old and 7-year old benefit equally from it. Many family games require lots of setup and can be too complex for both of my children to enjoy together.

Just yesterday, we had Blocks Rock! out with my eldest enjoying a 3D Companion App building session while I worked with my toddler on some of the challenge cards. Both kids benefitted from the same game but in many different ways that were age-appropriate.

~ Lucy, Blocks Rock! Ambassador