Early Learning Curriculum Guides

These child outcomes align with the Indiana Department of Education's Academic Standards as well as those of other states. The Indiana Early Learning Standards (Foundations to the Indiana Academic Standards) establish guidelines for early learners’ development of foundational skills in the content areas as well as critical social-emotional competencies. Specifically, the Foundations which focus on STEM-specific learning and functions include:

  • Early Reading: alphabet awareness, phonological awareness, concepts of print and comprehension.
  • Numeracy: counting, cardinality, written numerals, quantity and comparison.
  • Computation and Algebraic Thinking: mathematical structure and patterning.
  • Data Analysis: classification, data collection, organization and description.
  • Geometry: spatial relationships and space analysis.
  • Sense of Self: self-awareness, confidence, identification and expression of emotions.
  • Science: properties of objects, characteristics of living creatures and plants.
  • Engineering: solving problems using the engineering design process.
  • Self-Regulation: executive functions such as impulse control, planning and emotional regulation.
  • Building Relationships: social development and engagement with others.
  • Initiative and Exploration: initiative, self-direction, interest and curiosity as a learner.
  • Attentiveness and Persistence: focus on a specific activity; persistence to complete tasks.

The following curriculum guides are available in pdf format for downloading. There are two versions: the single-sided Print Version and the double-sided Booklet Version. The list will be updated as guides for additional states are completed.

Indiana K-6 Curriculum Guide (Print/Booklet)
Head Start K-6 Curriculum Guide (Print/Booklet)

California K-6 Curriculum Guide (Print/Booklet)
Florida K-6 Curriculum Guide (Print/Booklet)
Georgia K-6 Curriculum Guide (Print/Booklet)
Illinois K-6 Curriculum Guide (Print/Booklet)
Kansas K-6 Curriculum Guide (Print/Booklet)
Michigan K-6 Curriculum Guide (Print/Booklet)
Nevada K-6 Curriculum Guide (Print/Booklet)
New Hampshire K-6 Curriculum Guide (Print/Booklet)
Ohio K-6 Curriculum Guide (Print/Booklet)
Oklahoma K-6 Curriculum Guide (Print/Booklet)
Pennsylvania K-6 Curriculum Guide (Print/Booklet)
Texas K-6 Curriculum Guide (Print/Booklet)
Vermont K-6 Curriculum Guide (Print/Booklet)

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