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5 Ways to Use Blocks Rock! in the Classroom

November / 2023

Enjoy an introduction to some tangible and creative ways to use Blocks Rock! in your classroom!

Blocks Rock! can be used in a variety of exciting ways within the classroom. Whether you’re actively using the game to teach a lesson or providing students with an opportunity to learn on their own, take advantage of the flexibility and creativity of block play.

Our game can be used to help students regulate their emotions, develop a positive relationship with competition, practice problem-solving STEM skills, and more.

We’re excited to share this new resource on ways to use Blocks Rock! in the classroom. We’ll be adding more information about each of these options soon, so check back in for more info! For now, browse the ideas below, and if you have any you’d like to add to our list, let us know via email at katie@blocksrock.com.

Use Blocks Rock! as a Soft Start Activity

As students enter your classroom in the morning, how are you helping them prepare for the day?

The reality is, students are coming from a variety of different environments and situations and may not be energetic and prepared first thing in the morning. Help them ease into a mindset for learning with soft start activities. By using creative and engaging activities, you’re providing students with agency and opportunity to set themselves up for success throughout the day.

Blocks Rock! is a terrific option for soft starts in the morning.

How to Use Blocks Rock! For Soft Starts

  • Students can work independently or with a partner. They can choose to play the game as designed or enjoy some time building their own block structures.
  • Encourage your students to utilize Blocks Rock! during soft starts by introducing the game to the class collectively, then adding it to your designated soft start area. With opportunities for a variety of levels, this is a STEM game your students will love to reach for in the morning.

  • Don’t just take our word for it! Check out a video from one of our Ambassadors about how she uses Blocks Rock! for soft start mornings in her classroom.

Use Blocks Rock! to Develop STEM Skills

We’re proud that Blocks Rock! is a scientifically-validated STEM game, but you may be wondering what that actually means.

Through a previous study, we found that structured block play helps improve spatial reasoning and awareness for young people. Block-building games go beyond basic board games to help students develop spatial reasoning abilities which is an indicator for future success in STEM careers.

How to Play Blocks Rock!

  • Exploring STEM skills in Blocks Rock! starts by understanding how to play the game. Set each partner up with their own set of blocks and the appropriate cards for your student’s level. Flip the card over and invite the students to create the picture they see. The first one done, gets to ring the bell!

  • Of course, there are various ways you can utilize Blocks Rock! For different skill levels. Here are some ideas from our Curriculum Guide:
    • For younger learners, practice building and matching the design on the cards without a level of competition.

    • Practice building vertically vs. just horizontally.

    • Encourage students to talk through what they’re building as they’re doing so.

    • Ask students to create their own patterns that a partner can replicate.

Go digital by checking out the 3D Companion App that offers 3D images of block structures and extra levels for students to explore.

Use Blocks Rock! to teach Social Emotional Learning

Many teachers are focusing on Social Emotional Learning (SEL). Taking care of your students on a mental and emotional level is more important than ever to help your students engage in learning. In a recent blog, we discussed ways to include SEL in your classroom and how Blocks Rock! can be a terrific tool for this goal.

Below, find three ways to use Blocks Rock! for SEL.

Teach Kids to Regulate Emotions When Winning / Losing

As the idiom states, “you win some, you lose some.” Developing the ability to regulate your emotions during victories and defeats is an important lesson for young people to learn. Through low-stakes block play, your students will have the ability to practice winning and losing in a safe environment while managing those big feelings.

Teach Kids How to Engage in Healthy Competition

Competition may seem like it can be harmful for student learning, but when done effectively it can be a tremendous tool! Rather than focusing on winning vs. losing, healthy competition encourages setting goals and working collaboratively.

Help your students set goals, and see their self esteem soar when they engage in this level of healthy competition with themselves and others.

Want to learn more? Explore our past blog detailing healthy competition and how Blocks Rock! encourages this form of play.

Teach Kids how to Collaborate

The beauty of Blocks Rock! is how it encourages kids to play together and collaborate to build something new.

As our partner Ramona at Happy Learning Moments suggested, “If you prefer to play collaboratively, you can change up the game rules & give both players points for helping each other with their builds or for either player completing the build within a certain time frame.”

Use Blocks Rock! to Teach Colors & Shapes

While Blocks Rock! focuses on STEM learning, there’s a level of artistic skill development as well.

Each Blocks Rock! kit comes with a variety of block shapes and colors. Practice organizational skills through sorting or explore pattern-making opportunities with different block types. Call out different qualifiers and see what students can create with specific colors and shapes. This is particularly useful for young learners who are processing the artistic elements of our game

Get creative with this added level of artistic understanding!

Use Blocks Rock! in Creative Ways

There are plenty of creative ways to use Blocks Rock! to teach different areas and lessons within your classroom. If you’re looking for ways to integrate the game into different subject areas or skill development, here are some ideas you may want to try:

  • Practice taking turns and keeping track of your game with a sign-in sheet that helps teach life skills

  • Associate blocks with different sounds or rhythms and create patterns that students can copy. This is great for aural learners. Bonus points if you end with the ding of the bell!

  • Reinforce reading comprehension by asking students to recreate or build scenes from their favorite stories using their Blocks Rock! set.

  • Celebrate and dance it out in a round of freeze dance! Use the bell to signal when everyone needs to freeze.

  • Add stickers with different letters or words on each block and ask students to create words or sentences.

The possibilities are endless when you think out of the box and implement Blocks Rock! in your curriculum. Looking for more ideas? Check out our official Curriculum Guide.

Share How You Use Blocks Rock!

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