Solid wood blocks ensure durability

A bell and two decks of cards (Levels 1 and 2) are tucked neatly in the durable carrying case along with 24 solid wood blocks of different shapes and sizes in 5 different colors.

Read about how Blocks Rock! can play a key role in developing STEM preparedness in your students and children.

Not your grandparents' block game.

Blocks Rock! is the competitive, educational game in which two players, or two teams of players, compete to build a color- and shape-specific structure in the shortest amount of time. Fun for ages 4 to 104.

Carrying Case

The durable, vinyl case with handle unzips on 3 sides. There is a "map" on the bottom to show how to put away the pieces and bell along with 2 pockets for the decks of cards.

Wooden Blocks

Each game comes with 24 sturdy wooden blocks—a set of 12 for each player. There are 5 colors and 4 distinct shapes.


Yes, a bell is included!

Decks of Cards

Level 1 and Level 2 decks of cards are neatly stored in their own pockets in the lid of the case. Each deck has 21 playing cards.

How to Play

Fun, easy to learn for all ages

The game is played by choosing a card with the structure to copy, building the structure out of colored blocks, and ringing the bell to end the round. 

Accuracy is key, and a player only wins the round when the structure is completed successfully. At the end of the deck, the winner of the game is the player with the most cards or with the most points as indicated on each card.

Learn how Blocks Rock! develops the brain

Leading university studies conclude Blocks Rock! activates the brain.

Blocks Rocks! benefits: from STEM to fun

A competitive and educational game where two players, or two teams of players, compete to build a color-and shape-specific structure in the shortest amount of time.

For Home

Fun and educational time together

For School

Development of critical STEM skills

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