Develop STEM Skills with Competitive Structured Block Play™

  • Hands-on play that builds STEM learning skills
  • Fast-paced fun with little oversight required
  • Play collaboratively or competitively with our free 3D Companion App

An educational and fun activity for ages 4 to 104

Blocks Rock! is the competitive educational game in which two players, or two teams of players, compete to build a color-and shape-specific structure in the shortest amount of time.

Blocks Rock! benefits: from STEM to fun

A competitive and educational game where two players, or two teams of players, compete to build a color-and-shape-specific structure in the shortest amount of time.

For Home

Fun and educational time together

For School

Development of critical STEM skills

Blocks Rock! makes learning exciting and fun.

The fast-paced, competitive action of Blocks Rock! is contagious.

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How to Use the Blocks Rock! Mini-Game In Your Classroom or Home

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Curriculum Guides & Grant Resources

See how Blocks Rocks! aligns with curriculum guidelines with a focus on STEM-specific foundational skills. Also learn about grant writing and discover how you can get Blocks Rock! free for your school, classroom, or after-school program.

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