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How to Use Blocks Rock! as a Soft Start Activity

December / 2023

As students enter your classroom in the morning, how are you helping them prepare for the day? Let’s talk Soft Starts!

Benefits of Soft Starts

Soft start activities offer students a chance to transition to the classroom to start their day successfully. By providing a collection of games, crafts, puzzles, and more, you provide your students with a sense of autonomy and purpose when they first arrive in the mornings.

Starting your day with an understood routine allows for more focus and attention throughout the day while also lowering stress and anxiety throughout the classroom. Create an easily accessible classroom management strategy and see classroom participation soar with the help of soft starts.

Plus, you’ll have a moment to center yourself, finish your morning coffee, and prepare for your day as a teacher while your little learners are actively engaged in their own activities.

Now, let’s look at some ways you can utilize Blocks Rock as a soft start activity…

1. Structure your “chaotic play time” with organized gameplay

There can often be a fine line between soft-start activities and chaotic or unfocused play time in the mornings. Blocks Rock! offers students the opportunity to play and have fun in a structured way. With elements of competition and guidance from our playing cards, students will be able to build structures and engage their minds in a way that feels like a fun game to them. Keep your soft starts structured in a hands-off way with the help of our creative game.

2. Encourage collaboration between students…

Learning is a collaborative art, especially in elementary classrooms. Encourage community and collaboration right at the beginning of the day with Blocks Rock! as a part of your soft start activities. Whether students are building structures together or engaging in healthy competition, working together can help build a respectful, supportive classroom culture throughout the year.

3. …Or allow students to transition to the day on their own

On the opposite side of things, some students need some quiet time to transition to learning. Blocks Rock! could work as a collaborative game, or students can work on their own to build structures that match their chosen cards. You can even encourage students to build and create new designs on their own. The beauty of Blocks Rock! is its versatility as a collaborative or independent game.

4. Integrate Blocks Rock! with other subjects and areas of study

We’re tremendously proud that Blocks Rock! is scientifically validated as a game that encourages STEM learning. Plus, there are other ways to incorporate Blocks Rock! into different subject areas! During soft starts, encourage students to think outside the box as they’re engaging with block play.

Maybe they create a new design with their blocks, then draw it out to engage with visual arts. Perhaps you take advantage of the different colors to engage students with color and shape matching. Try encouraging students to set up a maze with their blocks that another student can solve. The possibilities are endless for you or your young learners to integrate Blocks Rock! into all areas of learning.

5. Engage with technology with our Blocks Rock! Companion App

Technology continues to be used regularly in education spaces. Helping students engage with smart devices in productive ways can be a great goal for your soft starts. For older students who are ready for a challenge, consider making the Blocks Rock! 3D Companion App a part of your soft start routine. Students can build and create more advanced and involved structures only available on the app. Encourage a challenge while creating a positive relationship with technology.

Include Blocks Rock! in your soft starts today!

Soft starts have the power to start the school day right! Make Blocks Rock! a part of your soft start routine and enjoy all the wonderful ways our game can help encourage and motivate your students. Click here to get your own Blocks Rock! kit today!