Introducing our New Pre-K STEM Cards and Curriculum Guide

February / 2020

A new way to encourage Pre-Kindergarteners and support Pre-K educators.

At Blocks Rock!, we’re excited to announce that we have a new way to encourage Pre-Kindergarteners and support Pre-K educators.

Introducing the Blocks Rock! Pre-K STEM Cards

The new Pre-K STEM Cards, in addition to the traditional Blocks Rock! game, meets the early learning needs of pre-k students. Using new mats and guided by the new Blocks Rock! Curriculum Guide, Pre-K students can build their foundational STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) and SEL (social-emotional learning) skills, among others.

In the Pre-K STEM Cards bundle, you’ll receive cards with patterns found on traditional Blocks Rock! cards. With guided exploration, preschoolers place blocks on the cards to prepare them for the competitive structured play of the Blocks Rock! game. The expansion also includes a curriculum guide aligned with the Indiana Early Learning Foundations, which you can learn more about below.

A Curriculum Guide to Best Help Your Learners

We developed the new easy-to-use Pre-K Curriculum Guide in partnership with professors from Purdue University Northwest School of Education and Counseling.

“Researchers have long documented the educational benefits of block-play for early learners, including development of spatial visualization and cognitive flexibility skills—both STEM skills—and critical social-emotional competencies,” said Mary Jane Eisenhauer, EdD, Professor of Early Childhood Education at the School of Education and Counseling at Purdue University Northwest. “The curriculum guide helps early childhood teachers draw the direct connection between a child’s Blocks Rock! play and the Indiana Early Learning Foundations we all want children to develop.”

Specifically, the guide assists Pre-K educators in implementing the game to best help their learners meet Indiana Early Learning Foundations, especially in SEL, Play and Learning, Science, Math, English/Language Arts, and Physical Health and Growth.

We’re an Indianapolis-based company, which is why we’ve chosen to start with an Indiana Curriculum Guide. Still, in the coming weeks, we’re looking to expand. Curriculum guides for the national Head Start program, as well as California, Texas, Florida, Illinois, Georgia, Kentucky, Ohio, Michigan, and Oklahoma, are in the works.

Learn more about the new Pre-K STEM Cards!

We now have a dedicated team ready to help you bring the original Blocks Rock! for K–6 and the Blocks Rock! Pre-K–6 STEM Cards to your schools at the best possible price. Call (800) 416-5140 or click on the links above to learn more.