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Low-Prep Morning Activities for Teachers & Homeschoolers

August / 2023

Explore some creative and engaging options to start your morning and focus in with these low-prep activities for teachers and homeschoolers.

Back-to-School season is the perfect time to add helpful tools to your classroom or home learning space. We’re here to help you get your day started with ideas and activities you and your students will love.

Whether you’re a classroom teacher or a parent trying to get the school day started at home, mornings can often be a little hectic. Low-prep morning activities offer you an extra moment to catch your breath and finish your morning coffee while keeping students engaged. Check out some easy, creative morning activities that your little learners will love.

What is a good low-prep morning activity?

Great morning activities offer you time to settle into your day. They can also allow students to adjust to the classroom space and practice the rituals and routines you use. Here are some elements to look for in a good, low-prep activity:

  • Provides focused work students can do on their own or collaboratively

  • Includes creative, STEM learning element can help insure that your students are warming up their brains

  • Establish routines that set young learners up for success (This is especially important as you’re establishing your classroom culture at the beginning of the year!)

5 Low-Prep Morning Activities

1. Blocks Rock!

Blocks Rock! is the perfect low-prep activity. Our game appeals to a variety of skill levels and offers the chance to work individually or in friendly competition with others. As a scientifically-validated game that benefits STEM learning, starting your day with Blocks Rock! sets your students up to think critically throughout your lessons.

Check out the full Blocks Rock! Game or explore our online print-out for a fun game that keeps on giving.

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2. Color by Code Pages

Combine creativity and critical thinking with Color by Code pages. These printouts can be used to help students practice math, grammar, letters, site words, and more! Perfect for a variety of levels, you can find coloring sheets to fit any lesson plan or season. This simple, low-prep activity can be a perfect way to start your day.

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3. Independent Reading

Give yourself a bit of quiet time in the morning while you encourage students to read their favorite books and dive into stories. You can always set up reading goals, book check ins, or reading journals to encourage reading comprehension skills as well.

4. Guided Scavenger Hunts

Guided scavenger hunts allow kids to explore their environment in a focused and engaging way. Design a list of items that fit your current unit to help students feel excited about what they’re learning. This is also a terrific opportunity to encourage collaboration and teamwork right at the beginning of your day.

Added bonus! This is a great way to establish your classroom culture at the start of the year. Create scavenger hunts that allow students to get to know each other and form connections with their new classmates and friends.

Check out some of thes fun scavenger hunt ideas

5. Sensory Bins

If you have the ability to design and create some sensory bins ahead of time, they can be wonderful, low-prep morning activities. Sensory bins are scientifically proven to help children’s brain development. It can also be a calming way to engage their fine motor skills while you prepare for the rest of your day. There are a wide variety of sensory bin ideas and options for you to explore to find the ones that work best for your home or classroom.

Explore some sensory bin ideas here!

Have a great start to your day!

Starting the school day right is a must for your classroom. With these low-prep morning activities, you can set your students up for success and give yourself an extra moment to focus in the morning.

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