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STEAM Gifts for Kids 2021

November / 2021

Our 2021 STEAM gift guide is here, and we have some great picks that are sure to encourage fun and engaged learning!

Welcome to our 2021 STEAM gift guide!

At Blocks Rock!, we hope you’ll make the most of this season of giving and encourage your young STEAM enthusiasts with these fun and educational gifts! We’ve featured items such as an electronic smart house, a robotics kit, educational books, and more.

Great For Aspiring Astronauts: Discovery Mindblown

Does your child love the night sky? There’s a way to bring it into your home! Project the planets around your room or ceiling with this planetarium projector.

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If your child is interested in learning more about astronauts, check out our article with space-themed activities and a free printable: STEM Career Inspiration for Kids: Astronauts

Great for All-Around STEM Learning and Family Fun: Blocks Rock!

Year after year, we hear that our competitive structured block play game is a favorite of teachers, parents, and kids. So, that’s why we’re in our own STEAM Gift Guide!

Blocks Rock! has been scientifically proven with MRI brain scans to improve spatial thinking and mental rotation ability, two skills that are critical for overall STEM education! With Blocks Rock!, you can bring competitive structured block play into your home or classroom with ease. There are many ways to play, whether you’re using the two card decks or our free 3D companion app. Whether you’re 4 or 104, this game provides a fun way to unplug and connect as a family!

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Great for Budding Botanists: Plants and Tree Ecosystems! From Wetlands to Forests - Botany for Kids

This book is all about plants, ecosystems, and botanists! “What are ecosystems? Are they important? What makes up ecosystems? Know the answers to these questions and more by going over the pages of this educational book.”

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Great for Active Learners: Light Up Bouncing Sky Board

Know any kids who are bouncing off the walls? They can bounce around outside with this sky board! And you can “invent cool, mid-flight moves as you’re propelled through space by this super-bouncy inflatable ball.”

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Great for Artists: Pillow Craft

Make your own decorative pillow! Choose from eight awesome designs and then start following along with the instructions to design your own pillow with decorative yarn.

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Great for Little Lab Rats: AmScope Kids Microscope Kit

Encourage your aspiring lab students with this microscope! “This dual light high power microscope has both incident and transmitted LED light sources that allow for both the viewing of opaque objects lit from above and the viewing of translucent specimens lit from below.”

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Great for Creative Cooks: The Complete Cookbook for Young Scientists

Have fun in the kitchen with this unique cookbook for young scientists! This cookbook answers frequently asked questions about food with fun, DIY science experiments you can do in your kitchen.

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Great for Amazing Architects: ArchiTECH Electronic Smart House

Does your child like to build things with legos, or building blocks? This gift is perfect for them! This kit includes parts and instructions to build an electronic smart house.

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Great for Radical Robotics Engineers: Robot Factory: Wacky, Misfits, Rogue Robots

Is your student excited to work with robots? This kit is great for robotics beginners. It comes along with a story about robots who have malfunctioned, and allows your student to fix them!

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Wishing you a happy holiday season!

We hope that your holidays are filled with laughter, fun, and time with friends and family. We wish you a happy holiday season from the whole Blocks Rock! Team.

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