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STEM Winter Bucket List: 29 Brain-Building Activities

December / 2019

Read our bucket list of brain-building activities for STEM fun all winter long!

Don’t let this winter pass without taking advantage of all the fun learning opportunities this season has to offer.

Our list of 29 brain-building activities for winter STEM fun has classic favorites like building a snow fort or indoor blanket fort and also has activities you might not have thought of like creating an ice lantern, making fake snow, and more.

Check out some of our ideas below and download the winter bucket list at the end!

STEM Winter Bucket List: 29 Brain-Building Activities

Create Fake Snow

If it’s too cold outside to enjoy the snow or you’re from an area that doesn’t get snow, you can make your own snow with this activity from Left Brain Craft Brain. There are a few different ways you can create fake snow, and this blog post walks you through them. Most of these fake snow options can be created using common household items.

Learn About Snowflakes and Make Your Own Symmetrical Snowflakes

In this activity from Buggy and Buddy, children make various snowflakes using common craft materials like cotton swabs and white paper. You can use this fun activity to teach about symmetry and patterns. Click here to learn more about creating these snowflakes.

Read Blocks Rock!’s STEM Role Models: Polar Explorers Article

From the comfort of your own home, you can learn about inspiring individuals who have explored the polar areas of earth. Sit down with your kids or students and read through our article, STEM Role Models; Polar Explorers to better understand the Arctic, the Antarctic, and the individuals who made history exploring them.

Make Colorful Ice Sculptures, A Winter Ice Wreath, and More!

The Artful Parent has two great ideas for fun activities with ice that use hands-on learning. In one activity, you can create colored ice sculptures that are works of winter art. In the other activity, take little pieces of nature and put them in a bundt pan with water to make a natural ice wreath.

Start a Blocks Rock! STEM Career Inspiration Checklist

We have a variety of STEM Career Inspiration activities for you to choose from. You can learn about:

In each of these articles, you’ll find a free, printable poster with fun STEM activities related to the career.

Make a Pinecone Craft

Country Living has 32 easy pinecone crafts for you to choose from. Put your inner designers to work coming up with pinecone pom pom ornaments, a felt pinecone fox, a pinecone tree, and more.

Click here to view the different pinecone crafts.

Create a Design for the Blocks Rock! 3D App Design Competition

Our first ever Blocks Rock! 3D App Competition is happening now. Kids can win two free Blocks Rock! Games and a pizza party for their class by creating a new Blocks Rock! 3D App design.

Click here to learn how your child can participate.

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