How to Use the Blocks Rock! Mini-Game In Your Classroom or Home

September / 2020

Learn how to use our free mini-game in your home or classroom thanks to our interview with Theresa from The Limitless Classroom.

We created the new, free Blocks Rock! Printable Mini-Game to help teachers and families looking for learning activities as they navigate schooling during the pandemic.

In the Printable Mini-Game, kids use paper blocks to recreate Blocks Rock! Cards. There are eleven cards that can be rotated in four directions, resulting in 44 different block structures kids can recreate.

The Blocks Rock! Printable Mini-Game consists of:

  • A set of printable blocks
  • 11 Blocks Rock! cards
  • Instructions
  • A brief explanation of Blocks Rock!

Click here to learn more and to download your free set!

Using the Blocks Rock! Mini-Game

To help teachers understand how they can implement this game with distance learning, we interviewed Theresa from The Limitless Classroom. Parents interested in using the Blocks Rock! Printable Mini-Game at home might also find this interview useful.

You’ll learn how Theresa uses the mini-game with her students during distance learning, her favorite parts of the mini-game, and more!

How did you use the Blocks Rock! Printable Cards for your students?

Having the printable Blocks Rock! cards has been a lifesaver! Students absolutely love the hands-on blocks last year, but due to COVID restrictions, I knew I wouldn't be able to allow students to share supplies for the current school year.

What I did was print and cut the individual printable sets for each student and sent them home with students in a supply bag (since my district is currently fully remote). While on our class Google Meet, I walked the students through taking out their zip-lock bag of pieces/cards and explained to them how the printable game is played very similarly to the original game. After giving them a few minutes to explore with their pieces, I then challenged students to recreate one of the cards I was holding up virtually on our Google Meet. When students were finished with building their design they stood up at their computer so we could see how fast everyone was able to do it!

We then took it a step further and had students taking photos of their completed Blocks Rock designs. I also had them insert a photo showing it completed and placed the photos onto a Google Slides template to show that they had completed the challenge. Now that students are comfortable with the Blocks Rock! Mini-Game, we have races as part of our morning meetings, where I display one of the cards and we race to see which students can do it the fastest!

Once Google Meet rolls out breakout rooms I also plan to give students time in small groups to virtually play with one another while using their individual baggies at home.

What do you like about the Blocks Rock Printable Mini-Game?

I love that students can utilize the Blocks Rock! Printable Mini-Game at home! So often students would ask if they could bring our original game home, and I was reluctant to send it home in fear of all the pieces not being returned back to school. With the printable mini-set set, EVERY student is able to enjoy Blocks Rock! from home!

I also love that students are also now able to enjoy this game with their families, and during this challenging time Blocks Rock! is helping bring families together to enjoy a fun night of STEM games! There are so many amazing STEM skills this game works on that it's become an all-time favorite of mine as a teacher.

What feedback have you gotten from parents or kids on the BR! Printable Mini-Game?

Parents absolutely love the Blocks Rock! Printable Mini-Game! They love that the directions are so easy to follow and that their children are engaged with a hands-on educational game that challenges them to problem solve and use spatial reasoning along with many other skills. It's also great that students can play this game with other people, but also individually!

What suggestions do you have for teachers looking to implement the BR! Printable Mini-Game in their classroom or send it home for their students?

I would suggest that teachers spend a lot of time modeling for students how to use the printable set, as well as some strategies that will help build their confidence while playing.

For example, some students can become nervous when participating in a game that focuses on having quick speed. I showed students the strategy of picking one spot of the design and always starting with that spot first in order to avoid wasted time looking at the whole design and becoming overwhelmed. So some students choose to always start with the top piece of the design card, and some students always start with the bottom piece. It helps them feel focused each time we yell "GO" to begin the game!

I would also suggest that you model for students how to appropriately congratulate their classmates if they are playing against someone who is faster than them. I think it's important for students to understand that their focus should be on growing their own STEM skills and beating their own personal time, rather than focusing on being faster than other students in the class.

Download the Blocks Rock! Printable Mini-Game

Click here to download the Blocks Rock! Printable Mini-Game.

And, thank you to Theresa from the Limitless Classroom for the helpful information and images! You can check her blog by clicking here.