DIY At-Home Summer Camp Ideas

May / 2020

Learn how to bring your at-home summer camp to life in four easy steps!

Keep your kids learning and entertained this summer with an unforgettable at-home summer camp. Below, we walk you through four easy steps that will help you quickly bring your summer camp to life!

1. Pick a Theme

Keep your kids engaged and learning all week long by picking a theme you’re all excited about! Looking for inspiration? Here are themes that will provide you with inspiration for activities:

  • Dino Day Camp
  • A Super STEM Summer
  • Weather Wonders
  • To Infinity and Beyond (Space Camp)
  • All Around the World
  • Let’s Grow Together (Nature Themed)

Or, if you want to pick a more general theme where you can explore lots of these ideas, you can do that too.

2. Find Activities that Support Your Theme

Now that you have a theme to build your week around, you’ll need to gather the week’s activities.

Our free home learning library is a great place to begin your search. There, you can get free printables and activities for STEM careers that match your summer camp theme, such as astronauts, paleontologists, meteorologists, and horticulturists.

You can also explore our blog 9 Websites for Free Learning Printables & Activities to find websites with thousands of worksheets on a variety of topics.

Here a few other ideas that we have for you:

One tool you’ll want to use all week long is Blocks Rock! So if you don’t have a set, get yours on our website or on Amazon.

3. Plan the Week

Once you know what activities you want to do over the course of the week, it’s time to pull them together in a schedule.

Click here for a free summer camp calendar. Customize your calendar by adding in your theme and your planned activities.

4. Enjoy your at-home summer camp!

After the hard work of gathering your activities and planning the week, it’s time to enjoy it! Use your calendar to keep track of your weekly activities. Don’t forget to write down your favorite memories along the way.

The Blocks Rock! Team wishes you and your family a safe, fun, and super summer.