Home Learning Ideas That Are Fun For The Whole Family

August / 2018

Bring the whole family together with these fun activities that are also full of learning moments!

Are you looking for fun, new ways to bring your family together? Do you want to make your home a place for active learning for your kids? We’ve compiled a list of ideas that bring home learning to a whole new level and will be fun for all ages! Check them out below.  

Turn Time Cooking Into Time Spent Together

No matter your child’s age, they can definitely learn something in the kitchen! Cooking is a valuable skill in many ways. As a matter of fact, cooking can teach children how to follow a formula learn math skills (think about when you’re doubling or halving a recipe), and experiment with science. If you think about it, cooking is a type of chemistry as well!

Plus, when you eat the meal or goodie you’ve made, everyone can be happy knowing they contributed in some way!

Set Up A Home Planetarium

If there’s one thing that’s sure to inspire awe no matter what age you are, it’s the stars! There are plenty of home planetarium options that you can check out here. Make it a family event by laying out blankets on the living room floor, making a bowl of popcorn, and firing up the planetarium.  

If your children are interested in space, you can also check out our new blog post on astronauts and download our fun printable for their bedroom!

Make Learning Games Part Of Your Family Night

Did you know there are games that are great for all ages, teach valuable skills, and are fun? Blocks Rock! is one of those. We like to say that Blocks Rock! iss good for ages 4 to 104. Plus it teaches skills that are critical for STEM learning like spatial reasoning! If you haven’t brought competitive, structured block play into your home yet, what are you waiting for?

Learn more about the benefits by clicking here!

Start An Indoor Garden

Bring your favorite greens to life in your own indoor garden! You and your family can choose the veggies and herbs and then work together to keep them healthy and growing. Your kids will get to learn about plant life growth and get to taste the rewards!

You can learn more about the steps to start an indoor garden here.

Play Together With Learning Apps For Kids

One fun way to add STEM learning to any day is by using apps that are designed for learning. When you have the whole family at home, you can work together with your child or encourage your children to help one another. We’ve put together a list of nine learning apps, if you need some family-friendly app inspiration!

Click here to check it out.

Grow A Little Critter

Watch the fascinating process of bug and animal growth take place before your eyes by buying one of these fun kits for your family. Seeing these tiny bugs and animals grow just might inspire a biologist in your family. There are plenty of options for watching tadpoles turn into frogs, like these, or see caterpillars turn into beautiful butterflies, like these kits!

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