STEM Learning

STEM Summer Camps for Kids

May / 2018

Discover nationwide STEM camps for kids and keep reading to learn about suggestions we have for summer STEM learning.

One great way to keep kids active and learning during summer break is by having them attend camp! With increasing focus on STEM learning, many places are now offering STEM-focused camps that can help your little scientist learn about their favorite STEM topics.

Below you’ll find some of the nationwide camps we discovered and keep reading until the end to see what additional suggestions we have for summer STEM learning.

Sylvan Learning STEM Summer Camps

Sylvan Learning is offering the following STEM camps: Robotics Camp (Grades 1-6), Coding Camp (Grades 3-8), Engineering Camp (Grades 1-6), and Fit4Algebra Camp (Grades 6-9). Sylvan offers these camps at their centers that are nationwide during summer break, so you can most likely find one of these STEM camps near you!

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Drobots: Drone Summer Camp

Kids from 1st to 12th grade can learn real-world STEM application, aerial robotics, flight tutorials, drone racing and more at this drone summer camp by Drobots. The website says that this is the #1 Drone, STEM, Tech, and Aerial Robotics summer camp program for kids and teens in the country! No drone experience is necessary, and no drone equipment is needed. Drobots: Drone Summer Camp is offered at several locations across the country.

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Online Summer Camps in Minecraft

Connected Camps offers week-long online Minecraft camps for kids 8 to 13 years old. Choose from four different camps, Adventure Camp (Tell stories, create maps, and explore), Creative Camp (Become a master designer), Survival Camp (Grow your child’s strategic and teamwork skills), Just For Girls (All our camps, just for girls). All of these programs are taught virtually by experienced counselors, so your kids will attend camp from your own home!

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Steve and Kate’s Camp

Steve and Kate’s Camp is designed to put kids in charge of their own learning experience. At camp, kids between ages 4 and 12 can learn about topics ranging from breadmaking to coding to fashion and much more! You can choose either a day-pass or summer long option. Steve and Kate’s Camp also has nationwide locations.

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CodeRev Tech Camps

CodeRev Tech Camps are weeklong summer tech camps for ages 6 to 14. Instructors at the camp have between 2-14 years of experience teaching technology to kids and at least 1 year of work experience in the tech sector. The curriculum is fun and STEM-focused, and the project-based learning model allows students to “have a blast as they create their own unique projects using code, robotics, or digital art” that they get to then take home to show off to you! CodeREV camps are also nationwide.

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Don’t see the perfect STEM camp for you child? Here are some other suggestions!

If you don’t have one of these camps nearby or they don’t seem quite right for your child, there are plenty of alternatives! Here are a few ideas for summer STEM learning:

  • Check out nearby colleges and universities to see what summer STEM programs they are running.

  • Create your own STEM camp at home by using these free materials from Discovery Education and spending free-time playing our own brain-activating game, Blocks Rock!

  • Keep watch for local organizations or non-profits that are hosting STEM day camps near you.

  • Check out Camp Wonderopolis, a “free online summer-learning destination that’s full of fun, interactive STEM and literacy-building topics boosted by Maker experiments”.  

We hope your summer is filled with STEM learning fun!